Sunday, February 7, 2010

My pretty Verna,

well actually it’s Kate Spain’s pretty Verna line for Moda.


So happy, feels like spring is on the way.


I am going to make another Scrufflily style quilt because for me it’s all about the fabric and I don’t want to cut it up too much, and…. …… I. love. scruffily quilts! I am making mine a little larger though, it will have 56 blocks.


I was just sewing today not planning on taking any pictures, laying my blocks on the blue chair and hanging the completed rows over the rail, and I thought that fabric looks so pretty I should take a picture.


These two chairs are probably about 60 –75 years old, I was planning on refinishing them~ someday...... , but the more I look at them I think they have come back in style just the way they are, chippy and a happy blue! I will leave them just the way they are…and they go nice with my new quilt.


I hung the Valentine banner in my sewing room, it goes well with the curtains. It snowed another 28” Friday evening and most of the day Saturday, we’ve broken a record here for the most snowfall in a winter season. We never get this much snow. More snow predicted for Tuesday, so who knows I may get my Verna finished this week, I hope so.


Ok I better go watch the Super Bowl game.




  1. Those pretty blue chairs are perfect with your Verna. That's going to be a cute quilt. And your banner looks right at home -- Wow! What a ton of snow!!!

  2. 28 inches!! Where do you live? I hope you stay nice and warm! Your quilt looks beautiful, it does look like spring, and I like your blue chairs just the way they are!
    :) Karen

  3. Well you do have lots of snow too..;o) MAybe I sent mine away to
    Love your new quilt in progress... Have to ask... you mix pinked sides and not... right... do you clip in the the seam allowances later... lots of questions.. And YOU shall not touch the CHAIRS..they are BEAUTIFUL.... :o)
    And I am still smiling over your heart banner.. co cute..:o)