Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monkeys in Oz……

I can’t remember when I made this sock monkey for my son, maybe 10 or 12 years ago, he is showing his well loved age a little…  He was actually packed away in the closet, poor little guy.  He inspires me to stitch another, they are fun to make.


I just love the Oz fabric line and thought it was perfect for another raw edge circle quilt, inspired by Allison over at Cluck Cluck Sew.


Monkeys in Oz measures 66”x78”, a nice (big/large) size.


Sock Monkeys on the back and Oz on the front.


It’s a little on the heavy side though, I didn’t cut out behind the circles .  Oh well I have enough scraps around here.


This fabric reminds me of the 70’s??


I feel like  I should make a little outfit for my monkey they are so cute dressed!


Sock Monkeys are just so silly I can’t help but love their sweetness!!


I’m pretty happy with my machine quilting on this one. I like the circles, loops, flowers/butterflies and a wavy stitch my machine made.


I’ll be taking a little blog break, I need to spend some summertime with my family, mow, weed, mulch and grow my gardens ~  all of these chores make me happy,  or I’ll just keep telling myself that………



  1. Shawn, I LOVE it! I love everything about it, the fabric, the pattern and your quilting is great! I love the sock monkey too! Have a nice break! :)

  2. It's great!! Have fun this Summer! I agree...Summer is all about family (and the yard) :D

  3. Your sock monkey looks so happy to be out among the beautiful quilts!! He wants to know why you left him there soooo long ...... He deserves a nice outfit!

  4. Love your monkey Shawn! He's adorable and yess please make him a nice outfit! I'm always amazed when I look at your work, I mean where do you find the patience to sew all these fabulous quilts? I know you love sewing but you have to be truly talented and I think it's admirable!
    Have a lovely well deserved break Shawn!

  5. CUTE!!!!!! Man your fast, I love the fabrics you used in this! Thanks for sharing it with me! -Allison

  6. Oh For Cute! This little quilt is adorable! I LOVE the sock monkeys - you are tooo clever.

    On another note, I discovered that you are one of my "problem" (well, not for me, but that's my group name for you guys) blogs that I can't comment on from certain computers. I'll comment and then blogger asks for my pwd and then it does nothing. I thought I was commenting and then after a few times, I realized I wasn't. Dang it! It just means I have to remember to read you from certain computers!

  7. Love the quilts and the sock monkey. You inspire me to make stuffed animals for my own kids.

  8. What a fun quilt!! I love that it's totally reversible! I just finished a sock monkey quilt, too, they are just so sweet. How did you make your son's sock monkey? He's adorable!

  9. really cute! and i love the quilting, i think i might have to try the circle quilting. and that pattern.