Friday, October 21, 2011

Swoon Practice

I love this Swoon block by Thimble Blossoms


I decided to make a practice block and liked it so much I finished it into a small quilt.


Hand quilted with natural perle #8


Looks good on a  table, this sewing machine works but I haven’t  used it for a while.

Confession ~ I have more sewing machines than I can use… but not as many as I once had


One of the last roses of summer, we may have a frost this weekend..


Linking up to Amanda Jean’s finish it up Friday, blogging two weeks in a row ~ a record for me.. haha



  1. I love your little quilt. This block is perfect as a stand alone. I just finished a whole quilt using this pattern.

  2. Very Cool Shawn! I love the swoon blocks -- what a fun idea to make a small quilt out of one of them!

  3. Nice! I've never used perle, to quilt with. You've inspired me to give it a try.

  4. What a fantastic quilt! I love your hand stitches!! :o)

  5. I have been LOVING all the swoon I see popping up! I plan to do this very same thing for a friend's daughter (but in much more 'girly' colours) (Um, and without the hand quilting...yours is beautiful though!)

  6. love it! I'm doing swoon right now as well.

  7. Stunning! I absolutely love it, and your photos are gorgeous, too. Please keep blogging! lol

  8. i LOVE the swoon block as a mini quilt. you do such beautiful work, Shawn!!

    I am dying to make a swoon quilt soon, but i'm trying to whittle down my WIP's to less than 20 before I start something new. Yes, that will take awhile. :)

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday! :)

  9. I love the black and gray, very nice. I also love your last rose; very nicely framed. I am glad to see your quilting with the perle cotton. I have been wanting to try that!