Monday, March 23, 2009

A Charming Idea

half finished.
I need to stitch one more "Sweet" charm
pack together to finish my hexagon baby/small wall quilt.

I used soft flannel on the back and cross stitched all the seams.

xo Quilt/Sweet Love
Shawn ; )


  1. ACK!!! This is ADORABLE!!! Now, please, can we have a little technique class? Do you sew each hexagon to it's flannel and then turn it and individually quilt it? Then, do the cross stitches show through on the top? Or does the top look kind of loose in the seam area or something? Can we have a close-up of the front where the hexagons join? Sorry for all the questions, but I haven't seen them done this way and it's SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

  2. I just had to see what Anna had seen...and I love this too..:o) So please let us see more..:o)

  3. Here from Anna as well. She is right. Oh so very cute! And yes, more details please. ooxx`jodi

  4. You three make me smile ~Thank You~ I love making this quilt, I'll take some pics along the way and as soon as I'm finished I'll show you how I put it together. xo Shawn ;)

  5. OH. MY. GOSH. this is so stinking cute!!!!!!
    :applauds you fervently

  6. What a totally sweet quilt! Love love it.

    Also loving Riley Roxy & YukiXX

  7. Your sweet Ann is now on display in the nursery....